Hello everyone. I am trying to sell some of my manga/anime collection. Prices are Negotiable but please be reasonable about it. Contact me with any questions or price.

Manga for Sell ;)
Spice and Wolf v10
Arata v16
Library Wars v1-2,6-9
Oresama Teacher v4
Boys Over Flowers v1-13 36

From Eroica With Love v1-3,8
Maid Sama! v3
Real Bout High School v1-5
MegaTokyo v1-5
One Piece v20-56
High School Debut v1-13 complete
Crimson Hero v1-7,9,12-14
D.Gray-man v1-15,19
Otomen v1-11,14-15
Arisa v1-10
Bride of the Water God v1-11,13
Tegami Bachi v1-4
Tenjo Tenge Omnibus v1-3,5,8,10
Btooom! v1-2
Skip Beat! v1-22,25-31
07-Ghost v1-6
Oresama Teacher v1-12
Kamisama Kiss v1-13
Ai Ore! v1-8
Sand Chronicles v6,10
Spice & Wolf manga v7
Dawn of Arcana v1=9
Until Death Do Us Part v1-4
Attack on Titan v1-5
Loveless omnibus v1
Loveless 9,10
The Dark Hunters v1,3
Blue Exorcist v1-8
S.A. (Special A) v11-17
Missions of Love v1
Rurouni Kenshin v13,28
Rurouni Kenshin omnibus v1
Code Geass: Lelouch for girls v1
Arata v1-14
The Earl and The Fairy v1
Jack the Ripper v1
Jack Frost v1-7
Inuyasha omnibus v6
Soul Eater v3,7
Monster Hunter Orage v2
Alice in the Country of Hearts omnibus v1
Bleach omnibus v1-2
Trigun Maximum Omnibus v1
Hana-Kimi omnibus v2
Tokyo Mew Mew omnibus v1-3
Natsume Book of Friends v1,2,4
My Girlfriend is a Geek v5
O-Parts Hunter v1-15, 17-19
Kurohime v1-5, 7-9, 11
Tiger and Bunny v1
Demon Love Song v1-2
Strobe Edge v1-3
Bokurano v2
Angel Dust
Pilgrim Jager v1
Blood Blockade Battlefront v1
Mouryou Kiden v1
Dragon Ball v1-2
Dragon Ball Z v2,3,7,9
Genju no Seiza v1
Lovephobia v1
Claymore v1-15,20
Pandora Hearts v1-12, 16-17
Black Butler v1-11

Haruka Beyond the Stream of Time v1
Dramacon Ultimate Edition
My Boyfriend is a Vampire omnibus v1-3
Dogs: Bullets & Carnage v0-6
Dark Angel v1
I-Doll v1
Rebirth omnibus v1
No. 6 v1-2
Fantamir v1-2
Fairy Tail v1-16, 23
Vampire Knight v1-14

Nabari No Ou v13
Whistle! v1-3
Library Wars v2; 1-2,6-9
Btooom! v1
Tegami Bachi v1-4
Pluto v1 (hardcover)
Magic Knight Rayearth Omnibus v1 (Tokyopop Version)
Replica v1 (this copy was bent during mailing)
Shaman Warrior v7
Tramps Like Us v1
X-Day v1
I.N.V.U. v1
The Sword of Shibito v1
Hot Gimmick v1
Dragon Knights v1
Girl Got Game v1
Pieces of Spiral v1
Angel Sanctuary v1
Tsubasa v1
Skip Beat! v1
Mythology of the Heavens v1-2

Rose of Versailles complete manga set in Japanese

Yaoi Manga :
Romantic Illusions 
Sensitive Pornograph
Private Teacher v1
Tyrant Falls In Love v1,3
S Novel v2

Mr. Tiger and Mr. Wolf v1,2
Our Kingdom v1-6
After I Win
II Gatto Sul G v3
Delivery Cupid
Blood Honey

Yakuza In Love v1,2
Selfish Love v1-2
Gakuen Heaven
Eerie Queerie v1-4
Until the Full Moon v1-2
Little Butterfly Omnibus
Crimson Spell v1,2
Tale of the Waning Moon v3
Shards of Affection
Poison Cherry Drive
Gorgeous Carat v1-4 plus Galaxy
Black Sun v1-2
Level C v1-6
Yakuza Cafe
Vampire's Portrait v1-2
Isle of Forbidden Love
Yellow v1-4
Missing Road
How to Seduce a Vampire
Silver Diamond v2,3,6
Stray Cat


HI! This is for my feedback as a buyer and now finally as a seller on LiveJournal. Thank you for everyone who leaves Feedback!!!!

Cat Walking

Hello. Today I took my cat outside for a walk and I must say, IT was Hilarious! He was such a scaredy cat. Wouldn't really go anywhere and the only place he wanted to go was where the dogs were at. Needless to say that I couldn't walk him there. But man was he scared. I tried to reassure him and everything. Though it didn't do much of a difference. Had to take him back in so he would calm down. Now he is laying by the door without a care in the world.
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Height of Dreams

I had a dream about Harry Potter series. Something I tend to do, dreaming about things. lol. This dream as most always is a story type one. I am not sure on most of the details and everything. Still I wanted to list it somewhere and hopefully get some help on it.

The title for this dream story is called: Height of Dreams.

Height of Dreams resolves around Draco Malfoy. One of my favorite characters in the series. It is a dark one too. In the painting is a half human half snake creature. This painting was done by Salazar Slytherin himself.  He had put a great deal of magic in it. At first it seems like a regular muggle painting. However at a closer look it appeared to be a magical one. Draco and the creature talk for a little bit then the creatures tail came out of the painting and coiled itself around him. Picking up the boy it brought him into the painting. There anything can happen as though it was reality. Dreams hidden deep inside of Draco come to life and he gets to live them. There he and Harry are close. The creature also after taking a liking to him lets him live and trains him. He is missing for a long time. Though the third year has yet to end. When he gets back he says it was Black that took him away. After the confrontation with Sirius and Harry, finding out the truth, he also learns that Draco was lying. Putting them even more against each other. It makes a lot of people as to what really happened and why Malfoy lied.

This is about all I have at the moment but will be adding more. Just not sure where to go with everything. lol


   This is an update about what is going on. Though as most has noticed that I don't really update or anything here. lol. Just not use to it and I have other sites I try to update but they don't get much done either. New anime is coming out which means old ones are ending. Lots of them. Kuroshitsuji was a little sad ending but good for the series. I am downloading the raws to make amvs. I have one made already but no matter where I went they would not take it. Youtube did finally take it but there is no sound because of it. Which really sucks. Still there is nothing I can do about it. This doesn't stop me from trying to make more.  I have several amvs which I have made over the years but don't have them uploaded as again not many places will take them. Nearly all are yaoi, lol. 


   I am into a drama called Golden Bride at the moment. I don't really care much for this kind of stuff but as I get the feeling to watch something live-action I tend to try dramas. They are better than any American ones as they generally aren't that long and do end. Plus it feels kinda closer to anime or manga though that doesn't make much sense. I don't really care for romance ones but some times I will let it slip.
   I am still trying to write but not going the best either. I have an idea I am working on but to make it more better, I am going by tips on what to do. So I have to create a world, speices, and everything else then finally start working on creating everything else. lol. Really hard. I am creating a habit and stuff, not something I really know how to do. However I am not going to give up until I get it done. hehehe
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what is the most tragic betrayal's in anime?

hi. i was thinking about this. what are the most tragic betrayal's in anime? i know of like in deathnote the scene where light betrays l and kills him. though that one isn't the most tragic and was expected. in utena where anthy betrays utena and stabs her in the back with a sword. and sailor moon where sailor neptune and uranus betrays saturn and pluto and kills them. but what others are there out there? and what was the scene like? what ones can you think of?

the first

hi. this is the first time i have done something like this. i think out of all of the new sites like this i have been to, i like live journal the best. i am not really sure what i should be doing here. lol. i love anime and manga. so if possible i want this to be a site that people can share them with others. of course this means i will have to start too. but first i would need to know what to upload and share with others. i have lots of yaoi manga, a few other mangas, and lots of anime series. so please tell want you would want and i will try to see if i have it and upload it. if not i can try and find links and post them here or at least tell you where to get them. thanks for listening to me.
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